The internet has become as common as having a TV in your living room, now you can watch TV and get news right from your computer. Based on Internet World Stats, as of June 2016, 89% of the population in North America uses the internet. Why is your business not taking advantage of a tool that can make your business viewable to that 89% of the world? Now you’re thinking I'm just a small business and I just want to target clients in my city, county or even state so I don't need to be a part of this internet revolution.

Here's some food for thought: if just 50% of the homes in your area has a computer that is connected to the internet and they are looking for a product or service where do you think they are going to look first? Yes, they are going to jump on that computer, search the internet and come across someone else that's providing the same product or service you are offering.

You've looked into creating a website for your company before, but once you saw the price it was more than you expected or was willing to invest. They gave a great sales pitch on how this investment would provide a great return, but it was a bit hard to swallow because there is no way they could guarantee that you would. You are 100% right about that and let's say you decide to advertise your business through printed material therefore you hire someone to target a particular area in hopes of getting your company noticed. Guess what you basically just created a mini website and put it on a page for distribution hoping it will drive results versus creating a website and publishing it on the internet so everyone can find it just by searching for the product or services you offer.

Unknown Kreations was created after hearing from friends and family that they need an affordable website with the customization features that free websites don't offer. They have all these great ideas for their company and website but just can find the right combination to make it more. This is the main purpose Unknown Kreations was created, to be able to transform your ideas into a spectacular website at an affordable cost. Are you interested in taking the next step? Complete the Client Questionnaire that is located on the menu bar, this questionnaire will help Unknown Kreations understand your needs and wants. We can then get together and find the right package for your needs so we can get your website up and running on the World Wide Web.